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Jo Farrell has a rich and diverse career as founder of J.F. Talent, Inc., the top talent agency flourishing in Denver for 26 years. She then refined a facet of the training programs she had developed for the agency to form those of the Farrell Group.

Today, as CEO of The Farrell Group, Jo Farrell has emerged from the image of the “redheaded barracuda”, as she was once known in Denver when wheeling and dealing in the young television/film business, to a leader in the application of the technologies of communication and image in the corporate world.

With corporate clients such as Cyprus Amax, Texaco, Gannett KUSA, Honeywell, The Disney Company, Ascent Sports, Janus Funds, USF&G, Storage Technology, Security Life and US West, Jo borrows from years of experience in the entertainment industry, coaching corporate executives, politicians, men and women climbing the corporate ladder and volunteers to become the best they can be in their communities.

A leader in her own community, Jo has served on many educational and philanthropic boards, including the Boy Scouts of America, Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce, President’s Leadership Board at the University of Colorado, Denver Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Samaritan House, St. Mary’s Academy, St. Scholastica Academy, St. Anthony’s Hospital, University of Denver’s Board of Fellows, the Denver District Attorney’s Crime Advisory Board, and the Young American’s Bank Education Foundations Holding Company Board.

Jo is a featured lecturer across the country, specializing in motivational and communication speeches. She also prepares witnesses for depositions and courtroom testimony and has often been an expert witness herself.
From 1977 to 1991, Jo produced and hosted her own talk show on KDEN in Denver, “Jo Farrell Talks Show Biz”, featuring such celebrated guests as Bill Cosby, Julio Iglesias, Red Skelton, James Earl Jones, Clint Eastwood, Ted Kennedy and Telly Savalas. She has been Fashion Editor and Image Consultant for KUSA Channel 9 and is a sought-after guest on Denver talk shows. Jo has been cameoed in “Success and Women’s Entrepreneur Magazine”, has been featured by Ted Turner in his “Winners” series on CNN, and has been a guest on “20-20”.


Vice President,

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Image Consultant

DeSciose Photography, Denver

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